Tour – 9: Trip of Heal and Heaven( Danakil Volcano and Semein Mountain trekking ) ( 12 days )


Day 01/ Arrive at Addis and make a connection flight to Makale flight( ET-106, 0730 – 0855 ) and drive to Hamed Ela, camping.


310874_14675ec50d63c9e9ef5b001c23fd27b9_largeDay 02/   Hamed Ela ( visit the coloured lakes of Dalol, the boiling chemicals, the salt mines, the camel caravans), back to Hamed Ela for over night.

Day 03/ Hamed Ela – Kusrowad – Erta Ale base camp drive, after dinner around 6 pm start ascending the 17 km walk to the volcano. View the boiling lava over night. Early in the morning around 5am start descending to the base camp. After breakfast and loading start the drive to Afdera for over night.


Day 04 / Erta Ale – Afdera – Hora Hor Hotel.


Day 05/ Afdera – Makale drive –and fly to Addis flight( ET-109, 1950 – 2110 ), Over night in Panoroma Hotel.


Day 06/ Addis – Gondar flight ( ET- 124, 0715 – 0825)and drive to Sankaber                    

After you drive 105 kms you come to Debark, the head quarter of the park. After you finish registrations you drive 22 kms with scout and local guide to the beginning of the park. Then, start walking to Sankaber following the edge of the most fascinating and stupendous escarpment of Siemen Mountains .  During the walking you also visit Gelada baboon (endemic mammal), klipspringer and many species of plants. After 3-4 hours walking you come Sankaber for overnight in the tents. Altitude here 3220ms.

Day 07/ Sankaber – Geech       7 – 8 hours

  After breakfast start walking to Geech. You first appreciate the most marvelous land scape around Sankaber and then follow the escarpment to come to the Jinbar waterfall. You continue the trekking through the agriculture land of the Muslim community of the Amhara People in Geech area and finally come to Geech. Around Geech you also appreciate Giant lobelia plant (endemic). Overnight in tents on altitude 3600 ms.

Day 08/ Geech – Emitgogo – Saha – kedadit – Geech                6-7 hrs

 After early breakfast trek to Emet Gogo (2hrs). It is a large peak to the east of the camp with its 360 degree spectacular view. You have unbelievable landscape view to the lowlands from the summit. The altitude is about 3923.

Day 09/ Geech – Chenek ( 8 hours )

baboon-and-baby_2119358iAfter early breakfast we take the way to the valley of Jinbar. After 2 hours walk we start the climb to wards Enatiye and follow the escarpment of Enateye (4070ms) with incredible scenery of the high semein and on the left the lowlands of Awaza and Sona. After rest follow the track steeply down to Chenek.

Chenek is one of the most spectacular spots on this trekking through Siemen Mts. The views are stunning in all directions, Walia-Ibex2out from the escarpment edge, across the foot hills up to the surrounding peaks of Emits Gogo and Buhit, and westwards down the Baiagas Valley . It is also good place to observe Walia ibex, Gelada baboon, lammergeyer (bone breaker bird with its 2 ms wing span). Overnight in tents. Alt. 3600 ms.

Day 10/ Chenek – Buwahit peak and back to Chenek       7-9 hrs

After early breakfast you climb up a valley to the left (north) of Buhait peak (4430ms), which overlooks the camp. Reach the peak for its splendid view and the first sighting of Ras Dashen Mt. (the highest point in Ethiopia, 4620 meters). After reaching the Buwahit peak back to the camp.


Day 11/ Chenek – Gondar drive, Taye Hotel

Day 12/ Gondar – Addis Ababa flight, city tour and shopping, ad departure  

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