Tour – 7: Bird watching Tour ( 12 days )


Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa. Afternoon birding at Geferssa Reservoir where we see our first endemics like the Watteled Ibis, Blue winged Goose, Black headed Siskin, White collared Pigeon and some others highland species. Overnight stay in Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Early start for Debra Libanose Monastery about 110 km on the northwest direction via Sululta plains where we have a short stop (after 20km) for few birds like Black- winged Plover, Red breasted Wheatear, Tawny eagle, Pectoral- patched Cist cola and some others. Around the monastery and the gorge we expect a few endemics like the White-billed starling, Abyssinian woodpecker, Black-headed forest Oriole, Rupells and white-winged cliff chats. The river gorge itself is so productive for the birds of prey. The Lammergeyer, Verreaux’s eagle, Egyptian and White-backed Vultures, Lanner Falcon, and Peregrine are one of the few listed. After covering all the sites around the monastery. Overnight stay hotel.

Day 3: Drive to Awash NP and en route stropping at Cheleklaka wet land near Debra Zeit. The Red bill Teal, Tufted Duck, Chestnut backed sparrow Lark, Lesser spotted Eagle and Knob billed Duck are amongst the birds we are expecting at the Cheleklaka wet land. Then we proceed to Awash NP with many roadside stops. Overnight stay in Awash.

Day 4: Full day bird watching and game viewing in the superb acacia wood land and the thorny bushes of Awash. It provides a great numbers of bird species like Martial and Imperial Eagles, Arabian Bustard, Rosy patched Shrike, Red wing bush Lark, Bearded wood Pecker, Grey wren warbler, Ashy Cisticola, Red and Yellow Barbet, Somali Golden breasted Bunting and Green winged Pytilia. Overnight hotel.

Day 5: Leave Awash for Lake Langano (260 km) and en rout stopping at Koka Dam and Lake Ziway for more birding. Lake Ziway is one of the best birding sites of the Ethiopian Rift Valley, and it provides species like the Lesser Jacana, Common Snipe, Black Heron (the Umbrella bird), and Black crowned Crane, Saddle billed Stork, different Kingfishers, Great black-headed Gull and Lesser Moorhen. Overnight hotel.

Day 6: For half a day we spend more time in the acacia wood land between Lakes Abijata and Shalla, and a long the shore of Lake Abijata. The Von de Dickenss Horn bill, Banded Barbet, Spotted Eagle Owl, Klauss and Dederic Cuckoos, Black-checked

Waxbill, Gabar Goshawk, Boran and Rattling Cisticola are amongst the species we are expecting to see in the surrounding area of the acacia wood land. Lake Abijata, the feeding site for a great numbers of lesser and Greater Flamingo is providing a large numbers of migratory birds. Late afternoon, we proceed to Wondogenet for two nights staying.

Day 7: Bird watching in Wondogenet forest, one of the endemic sites for forest species like the beautiful Yellow- fronted Parrot, Abyssinian wood Pecker and Banded Barbet. Apart from the endemic species, the forests produce and excellent birds like Narinas Trogon, African hill Babbler, Crowned Eagle, Broad-billed Roller, Half-collared Kingfisher, and Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Grey cuckoo Shrike, Lemon Dove and Double-toothed Barbet.

Day 8: Drive to Bale Mountains (210 km) for two nights staying. En route stopping at Dinsho, park headquarters, where we see the endemic mammals like the elegant Mountain Nyala and Meneliks Bushbuck. Then, proceed to Goba to see White-backed Duck. Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 9: Excursion to f Sanattie plateau and forest near Goba. Here, we expect birds like the Cinnamon- breasted Warbler, Mountain Buzzard, Abyssinian wood Pecker, White-backed black Tit, Bale Parisoma, Slender-billed Starling, Moor land & Chestnut Francolins, African Snipe, Golden Eagle, Rufus Sparrow hawk, Watteled Crane, Rougets Rail and Lanner Falcon. Apart from the birds, Sanattie plateau also guarantees good supplies of the rare and beautiful Ethiopian Wolf. Overnight stay hotel.

Day 10: Leave Bale Mountains for Lake Awassa which is home to different aquatic species like The white backed Duck, Western banded snake Eagle, Giant Kingfisher, Allens and Purple Gallinule and Blue headed Coucal; and some others. Overnight stay in Awassa.

Day 11: In the morning birding around the lake; and afternoon drive back to Addis Ababa. Overnight stay in Addis Ababa.

Day12: Fly back home

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