Tour – 6: Trekking Trip in Ethiopian Semein Mountains ( 11 days )

Day 1: Addis – Gondar flight. Check in to the hotel. Staying in Gondar before starting the trekking is a type of acclimatization for the altitude of Semein.

simien_mountains_national_park_s1Day 2: Gondar – Debark – Snkaber. Drive to Dabark (the gate of Semein mountain park) arrangement of mules for loading materials and scout start trekking from Buyit Ras camp site and continue to Sankaber. This day trekking is a practice and a type acclimatization with the high altitude. simien_mountainsEn route you walk on the edge of the escarpment which has good view of the surrounding and there is chance to see the endemic Gelada baboon.

These baboons are grass eaters and will be seen in family units in many areas of the Semein. They are also known as the “the bleeding heart baboon” as there are red areas on the chest. Generally Debark – Buyit Ras – Sankaber is a trek that leads mainly through cultivated areas. SimienFew indigenous trees will bee seen in the area except the introduced eucalyptus. In some areas, plants such as St. John’s wort and heather will bee seen. Also many smaller herbs like Alchemila, Kiniphofia, red-hot pocker and Lobelia will be seen. In the afternoon reach Sankaber camp.

Day 3: Sankaber – Geech. After early start you walk directly east ward, looking the escarpment northward, get in the valley of Koba rive. Viewing on the left the Geech Abyss reach the wonderful fall of Jin Bar (some times this fall is dry). Lunch from box and continue the trekking. Cross Jin Bar River, climb the steep land on the other side of the river, reach Geech camp (3600 mt. alt). En route you can view some endemic birds such as thick-billed raven, black-heade siskin, white-collared pigeon, wattled Ibis, and spot breasted plover. Geech is a camp site where you can see one of the biggest bird Lammergeyer.

Day 4: Geech – Imitgogo – Sahaa – Geech. After early start from Geech with pack lunch trek to different wonderful view points including Imitgogo with 3926 mt altitude gives the most spectacular views of the Semein both to north and east direction, the same to the View point of Saha. Back to Geech in the afternoon.

Day 5: Geech – Chenek. After early breakfast start trekking through forested valleys, cross Jin Bahir River, continue crossing the steep plain with the small hills, reach the escarpment of Enatiye which gives good view of the lowlands and the mountains of the surrounding. Take the chance and observe the endemic Walia Ibex grazing on the escarpments of the area. The walia Ibex is member of the wild goat family has magnificent heavily ridged horns sweeping back over it’s shoulders.

Day 6: Chenek – Arkuwaziye. The first 4 hours is very steep trekking to Mt. Buwahit (4430 mt. alt.), which lies to south-east of the camp site. From the edge of Buwahit there are many viewpoints of the surrounding including Mt Ras Dashen (the highest peak in Ethiopia, the 4th peak in Africa, 4543 mt. alt). Cross the valley of Meshesha River and reach Arkuwaziye for camping.

Day 7: Arkuwaziye – Makarebia. After breakfast, start trekking on the left side of Mt. Silki on the rolling small hills and plains. Some of these plains are cultivated. After 3 hours trekking reach a place called Sona (2970 mt. alt) which is a boundary between the highland and the lowland. From Sona, the next trekking is on dropping slop to the river valley of Ensay for about 2.30 hours. Reach the river, have shower in natural swimming pool, and lunch and continue to reach Mekarebia in late afternoon.

Day 8: Makarebia – Mulit. This day is a day to see very scenic mountains of Amba Toloka, Awaza (the mountains pictured on Ethiopian Airlines ticket) and others. Reach Mulit and camping on the side of small village. This gives good chance to see villagers life and their daily activity.

Day 9: Mulit – Adiarkay – Gondar. After early breakfast a 2 hours trekking reach a town of Adi Arkay, meet the car and drive back to Gondar. Check in to Hotel.

Day 10: Addis – Gondar flight.

Day 11: Departure. End of the tour.

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