Tour – 3: Ethiopian Tour to Land of Lakes & Wilderness of South ( 14 days )


Day 1, Tuesday: Arrival at Addis. Transfer from Airport and check in to Holiday Hotel. City tour of Addis Ababa.

Day 2, Wednesday: Addis – Hossana (200 km). Early start from Addis, drive to South- East direction, after 50 km visit the prehistoric sits of Melka Kunture. This site lies on the side of Awash river gorge. It is the most important Stone Age site in Ethiopia. The layers of rock uncovered by the river contain large number of stone age which is the site of stone age artifacts including a variety of flakes, cleavers, hand-axes, and other stone-tools made from basalt and obsidian rocks.

The site has also proved to be an important source of fossils of extinct mammals species including hippo, rhino, giraffe. The age of the fossils is between either hundred thousand and two million. the Awash River gorge below the bridge with the waterfalls is worth a visit. continue to south direction and at 80 km from the main road visit Tiya Stele Field. The steels in Tiya are the grave mark of female and male soldiers buried in mass. After lunch stop in Bue or Butajira town start drive towards Hossaina town, Arrival and check to Heimi Hotel for over night stay.

Day 3, Thursday: Hossaina – Sodo – Arba Minch (290 km). After breakfast start drive to Arba Minch. We drive south down the Rift valley. Then we Drive through the rolling hills of Wollayta and Kambata. En rout you visit the different house styles of the wolaita and Hadiya tribes. Before getting Arba Minch, we stop to visit the colorful Saturday market of Dorze people. Also visit he Dorze people culture of weaving and their beehive style house made from bamboo on the top of Mt. Goge, Reach Arba Minch town located between two lakes, Abaya and Chamo and over night stay in Bekele Mola Hotel one of the hotels located on the best view in Africa.

Day 4, Friday: Full day in Arba Minch. Morning visit to Nech sar National Park to see zebras, gazelles, heart beasts, and variety of birds. In the afternoon, boat excursion on lake Chamo to see crocodiles and hippos and many birds. This is one of the best sites in the world where you can see the biggest crocodiles. The lake is also rich in variety of aquatic birds. You meet also the local fisher men doing their usual job on boats made in traditional way.

Day 5, Saturday: Arba Minch – Konso (90 km). This days is a day to start to drive in the remote south Ethiopia and to see different people culture in wilderness. Around Konso, you see the people of Derashi, Gidole and Gewada mostly with traditional short skirt. Afternoon visit to the Konso people village to admire their house style and village complex, Their farming style. Konso people are known for their intricately terraced hill Konso is a site recorded by UNESCO as World Heritage. Saturday is market day in Konso. Overnight at Idget Hotel.

Day 6, Sunday: Konso – Turmi (170 km). After early start direct to the western direction of Konso. Cross the territory of Gewada people who have the same culture with konso. Around Woyto river the people of Tsemay and Benna with their animal skin made clothes and their body is decorated with bids, quarry shells and metals and unique hear styles. After refreshment stop at Woyto continue to Turmi. En rout you visit the Erobre people village. Camping on the side of Keske river bed.

Day 7, Monday: Full day in Turmi (Market day). Half day visit the weekly colorful market. This is one of the vibrant market in the area and in the afternoon short walks to the near by villages of Hmmar people. The center of Hmmar people is Turmi. The Hamer are a fine looking people, both men and women take great pride in their appearance, Shaving and coloring their hair, oiling their bodies and decorating themselves with beads and bracelets worn around arms and legs. They are also famous for their annual celebration of initiation of boys to transform to adult hood, a ceremony called Bull-Jumping. Bull-jumping is precondition of marriage for men of Hamar people.

foto 009Day 8, Tuesday: Turmi – Karo Turmi (54 km). We drive to Murle, the area of Karo people. En route we pass through different attractive landscape of Omo Valley and we also stop in one of the villages of Hammar tribe to see their traditional song and dance. Camping In Russos camp site located on the shore of river Omo. After setting the camping, in late afternoon, drive to the near by karo tribe village called Qorcho. At Qorcho the scenery of the surrounding with river Omo crossing the desert is wonderful. Among the people living along the Omo River, the Karo excel in face and body painting as well as body scarification. Back to turmi for over night.

Day 9: Wednsday : Turmi – Jinka drive.

Day 10, Thursday: Jinka – Mursi – Jinka (95 km). We liveJinka and cross the national park after breakfast and drive to the western direction of the park to see the Mursi people. They mostly live in separate villages of small groups. Ladies use lip plate on their lower lip. Drive back and continue to Jinka for over night stay in Jinka Resort Hotel.

Day 11, Friday: Jinka-Konso-Yabelo (187 Km). After early breakfast cross the territory of Ari, Tsemay, Gewada nd Konso people. Between konso and Yabelo chance fully we can see the colorful market of Borena people. Arrival in Yabelo and night stay in Mobile Hotel.
Borena Girl.

Day 12, Saturday: Full day in Yabelo. Morning visit of the Borena’s Singing Well. These are underground water wells that the pastoralist Borena people use to water their cattle. They sing song during their work of watering the cattle. Back to hotel for lunch and afternoon visit of the colorful market of Yabelo.

Day 13, Sunday: Yabelo – Awassa (290 km). This day the drive is a change from lowland to highland. The vegetation of acacia gives place broad left. after 100 km out of Borena people, is the area of coffee production. This is the part of Ethiopia which is evergreen. En route you pass through the tribes of Guji, Gedo and Sidama all with different culture. Lunch at Dilla. Reach Awassa in the afternoon. Check in to Wabi Shebele Hotel located on the shore of Lake Awassa. In late afternoon walk on the shore of the Lake for bird watching and to see the wonderful sunset.

Day 14, Monday: Awassa – Addis Ababa (270 km). Morning visit to the daily traditional fish market on the shore of Lake Awassa and continue to drive back to Addis Ababa. End of the tour

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